Command for Instagram

Easily access and understand your Instagram analytics with powerful tools designed for small businesses, influencers, and individuals.


Simple, Fast, Powerful!

Designed for users looking for impactful social media tools like business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, social media managers, digital marketers, and advertising agencies.

Unlike other apps, our analytic tools provide you with data that is easy to understand and take action on. Command gives you key reports with powerful insights all in a matter of seconds!

An App Built With Elegant Features

Command is simple to understand and easy to use. With dozens of reports designed to surface impactful insights, improving and growing your Instagram could not be easier.

Key Insights

Like best time to post and demographics.
Report Card
Post Grading
Key Metrics
Additional Features
Fast and Simple

Simple Reports

Most reporting software is complex, fussy, and time consuming to set up - let alone dissecting insights from it! Our reports are designed to save you time and show you important insights that are easy to share and save.

Plan Your Feed

Meticulously craft and curate your Instagram feed. Schedule your posts ahead of time and find trending hashtags to boost your posts.

Write Your Captions

Prepare your content ahead of time so you don't need to think of captions and hashtags on the spot when you post.

Grow With Organization

Staying organized is critical when it comes to building a thoughtful social media strategy. Command gives you the tools to do that.

Download Command for Instagram Today.

Download Command for Instagram Today.

Our Promise

If you ever feel that you need additional support, have feature suggestions, or want to cancel your subscription, all you need to do is contact us and we will do our best to help you right away.


Command for Instagram